Who can see my name?

Privacy options for Players

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You can change Privacy Options on each Player Profile on your account. This way you control who can see your Private Data (name, gender, year of birth). See how to do that here

Who can see your name?

Tornelo offers 3 options:

  • Private = Only Arbiters and Players in your Event can see your name
  • Community = Only users signed-in to Tornelo can see your name
  • Public = Everybody on the Internet can see your name

See the example below from different perspectives:

PUBLIC VIEW (Google robots can see this)

In the top right corner, you can see nobody is Signed in. Anyone on the internet is merely "Enjoying spectating". Three names are redacted and the Spectator is only able to see their initials. 


In the top right corner a User is Signed in. The Message bar still shows them as a Spectator because they are not participating in this specific event. 

As a member of the Tornelo Community only two names are hidden. We now see the 6th player, it's Anakin Skywalker and his Privacy Settings are set to Community


The user signed-in is a Participant in this event. It is necessary to see the names of all players, as they would in an over the board tournament. All the names are now visible. 

Who can download my games?

Anyone can download a PGN file from an event. Even Spectators who are not Signed in.

However, if the names are hidden on Tornelo, they stay hidden in the PGN file as well.

Player names in the PGN download are the same as visible on Tornelo. A player can see all names, a signed-in user sees Community names and a public visitor only the Public names. 

Arbiter PGN downloads include all player names. 

Who can add me to a tournament?

If Privacy Settings are Private, nobody is able to find your name. Not even an arbiter. The ONLY way to participate in a tournament is to self-register.

Luke's Profile is hidden, the URL is coded. Unlike Anakin's profile, which every member of Tornelo Community can display. When the Arbiter tries to add them to a tournament, they can only find Anakin:

If you have previously shared your contact details with an Organization, they will be visible to the arbiter in future events. Learn more here.

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