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What is an Organization?

Every event is owned by an Organization.

Before you start running events on Tornelo, you need to built your own space where you can to do that, your own Organization. An Organization can be anything from your Club or School to Federation or any other Associaction or Company. Anyone who is interested in running chess events, anyone with a ‘brand’ of some sort! This Organization will own all the events run under it's name. 

It is your own page, where everybody can Enter your upcoming events, access results from the Previous ones and find your contact information.

Not every Organization has access to all features on Tornelo. To unlock some features, the Organization needs to got through the process of Verification by Tornelo. See more about what it means and how to become verified here

Everybody can Browse through verified Organizatons by clicking in Organizations button on the Community page.

Start an Organization

After clicking Organizations button you will see the list of all verified Organizations. Next simply click on the button New, just below the list of Featured Organizations. Or click Here, right now.

Every Organization has its own:

  • Name
  • URL
  • Logo
  • Colour

The recommended Logo size is 580x200 px. Your colour can be defined by RGB, HSL or HEX codes or simply picked from the colour map which will appear.

When you are done click on Create organization.

You may now Run your first Event

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