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David Cordover

Last Update 5 个月前

Tornelo make it easy for participants to navigate to your Video Conference (essential during all online or hybrid chess tournaments) link, by allowing arbiters to include the link in the event settings.

Providing a link in the Tournament Lobby means:

  • you can change it at any time 
  • Simplicity ....  just provide players a single link to the Lobby and everyone can navigate from there

We have now extended this functionality:

A second link (and a customisable description and button text) provides you with the ability to direct players to 2 different locations - and because the navigation is all within Tornelo your customers won't get lost. One link means there is no confusion!

Here are some ideas from our users, how have they used this feature:

  • Link to Twitch or other livestreaming service
  • Link to a second Video Conference room (eg. for post-game commentary or live coaching)
  • A VIP Lounge (access only by paying a VIP price entry fee)
  • Promote and link to your next event

We'd love to hear how you use this feature!

Melbourne Chess Club used it for:

A link to a practice event for 1st time users

Chess England used it for:  

A bookstall - what a great idea!!

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