Finishing an event

What do I do at the end of a tournament?

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Finishing an Event

If all rounds have been played and all results are finalised, it is time to finish your tournament. You will find the button Finish tournament in the same place as the Pair next round button.

The Finish tournament button only shows when all rounds are completed. Check the Settings to see if there are more rounds to play by clicking on Edit and if needed update the number of rounds for the specific Division. 

If you receive the following message after clicking the button, it means that one or many games still have an "unknown" result. Check you have no missing results in any pairing. Maybe you made manual changes in your pairings and one player has a result while the other result is still "unknown". This happens often when a player is given a loss against the Bye, it is 0 points, but the result is actually recorded as "unknown" and not a loss. 

Rating an Event

Once you Finish your event, Tornelo will ask you whether you wish to Rate it or not. 

Rating a tournament will update all players' Platform Rating, Players will then be able to find the event in their Player profile and monitor their rating progress. 

Submitting an event for rating will also update other data in Player's profiles. If you made corrections to Player's Name, year of birth or gender, these change will now update their Profile and next time the Player registers for any event, their details will be correct. 

After selecting Yes, lock and rate now, following options will appear:

If you choose to check the box Send email report to tournament participants, all players will receive a Tornelo notification email with their results and a link to the event page. You may also include your own message for the Players in the Arbiter comments field. After you decide whether to send the email or not, simply click on Submit for ratings button. (Known bug: occasionally a large event will timeout and you receive a Cloudflare error, but don't worry, when you go back to the page you will see that all ratings have processed correctly)

If you select No, rate later, you will find a new action button in your Pairing program Submit for ratings.

But don't wait too long, Players can be confused if old events are added to their Profiles!

If the rating option didn't appear for you and you don't see the Submit for ratings button, it probably means that your tournament is Private. Private events cannot be rated. Ratings need transparency. However, you may always Edit your event, change it to Public or Community, and Rate it after that. 

Resuming an Event

It is possible to Resume an event in case it is neccessary to change something after the event was Finished. 

In case the event has been submitted for ratings, you have to Unrate it first.

You can make many necessary changes at this point. The event is still finished, but you can update results, change players, edit details etc.

If you need to change something which is more structural, the next step is to actually Resume tournament

If you are sure you want to make changes click OK in the window which will pop up next:

After you are done, you can manually set the finish date back to the correct finish date. Clicking Finish will date stamp the event at the moment you click Finish.

Check out this article to see how to manually set the Finish Date. In any case don't forget to Finish the tournament again, when everything is properly set and submit your event for Ratings. 

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