Entering a Team Event as Team manager

A step by step guide on how to enter an Team Event as a teacher or captain

David Cordover

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You may register for a teams events either as Team manager (eg. a teacher) or as an individual user (eg. a parent). This is usually about who pays the entry fees. The entry process is the same. For a personal Registration see this article.

1. Go to Event Lobby

2. Sign in (see more here)

3. Click Register now

4. You will see a list of Players that you "own". Click Add team to enter a team of players

5. Select a Team name (a school, club or any group)

6. Add a list of players (existing players or create new players)

7. Check the box for all player names you want to register

8. Confirm details for all your players. Some fields are required, others are optional. Please ensure you enter the Email address of the player for all online Events. 

9. Confirm your contact details

10. Pay the entry fees by credit card (or check to Pay later if the Organizer allows it)

11. All done. For online Events make sure all your Players are able to Check-in. 

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