Entering a Private Event

A step by step guide on how to enter a Private Event

David Cordover

Last Update 1 年前

A private event cannot be discovered on Tornelo. It will not show up on any list of upcoming, in progress or completed events.

The event organiser must directly share the link to a private event.

To enter a private event:

1. Navigate to the Private Event page (follow the link provided by the Event Organiser)

2. Click Enter event now

3. If you have an account please enter your email/password and Sign in (click Reset password if you forgot your password)

4. If you do not have an account click Create new account

5. Select the player to enter, or Add player (for new players)

6. Add your player name. Note: Tornelo does not permit anonymous participation, please enter your full first and last names. Your arbiter will be required to verify your identity.

7. Add a new player or select existing player from the list

8. Select your Individual Privacy settings.

Select required fields; Division and Entry Fee

9. Enter optional information such as Estimated Rating (for new players only) and Year of Birth

10. Verify or Enter your Contact information (phone and email are required)

11. Enter payment details (if an entry fee is payable)

12. Submit Your Entry

You have now entered the event and will receive a confirmation email.

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