What is a Group?

An explantion of how Groups work

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A group page is a listing of players who are all of the following:

a) Active players (ie, entered an event within the last 18 months)

b) Rated players (ie, played more than 20 rated games)

c) Have played in a rated event while representing that group

If a Group Page is blank then no players yet meet all 3 of the above criteria.


A team is a collection of players representing the same Group in a Team Event.

Any user (ie. Parent or Teacher) may enter a Team of players into a Team Event by following the process described here:



In summary - a teacher should enter a team by going to the event page, the Group page is just results history.

Once on the event page for the event they wish to participate in, click Enter now

Follow the entry process and submit the entry

If, during an event, a player is Representing someone other than just themselves, they are said to be representing a Group.

A "Group" is a temporary linkage for player during an event. During one event a player may represent Club A, the next week School B, the next Team C....

Think about it like a #tag for players!

Each player may be associated with multiple groups, these are the groups you have represented in the past.

Players can select what Group they wish to represent during the entry process for each event.

An "Organisation" is the owner of an event.

For Organisers

Organisers can create an event, and anyone can play in that event. There are no restrictions on who can enter an event. There are only privacy settings on the event which impact who and how the event can be "discovered" on Tornelo. Players may select the Group they want to represent during the entry process. Event Organisers can edit this representation in the pairing program for any player.

Private:  Nobody can "discover" the event, you must send them a direct link to enter

Community:  Only Tornelo users who are logged in can discover (see) the event and enter

Public: Anyone, including Google, can find the event and see it in the upcoming lists

In (almost) all situations it's better to let people register by themselves.

Arbiters / Organisers wanting to create a Group

The only way arbiters can add a Group is to

1. Go to https://tornelo.com/chess/groups

2. Click New

3. Create your new group

Once the group is created you can add players in your events to this group.

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