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Player names according to FIDE

David Cordover

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Many organizers and arbiters want their events to be run according to International Chess Federation (FIDE) standards. This includes the use of FIDE Ratings and player naming as per the FIDE Rating list.

Tornelo manages a number of External Player Profiles which can be linked to the Tornelo Player Profile via ID numbers.

Only arbiters from Verified Organizations can link a player to an External Player Profile by adding and ID number.

Select use of FIDE Ratings

The tournament settings must first be set to use FIDE Ratings. Create or Edit your event, go to Ratings and then select FIDE as the external profile. In future you will be able to see the other external profiles we manage in this menu (eg. England, USA, South Africa, Australia, Czech Republic and others).

If you wish to add players directly from FIDE Rating learn more here

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