Running a chess tournament online with Tornelo

How to run an online event

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Enabling online play

You can check the box marked "Play games online" to enable online play for chess tournaments. We recommend you enable online entries for online events to speed up the registration process. We also suggest creating a Zoom video meeting for tournament participants, Tornelo does not currently provide a way to communicate directly with players.

Opening the lobby

Each tournament has a lobby page where players can register their attendance, see live pairings and standings for the event, and join their games. Click the "Open Lobby" button from the pairings program when you're ready for players to join the event. The lobby will automatically open after the first round is paired, but attendance can only be collected if you open it earlier.

When the lobby is open you can click the "Lobby" button to enter the lobby. You can copy the URL address of the lobby page and share it with your players to help them find the tournament.

Participant status

When players visit the tournament lobby, they will see a participation bar with a colored icon to help guide them into the event. Here's a summary of the possible icons players can encounter:

The user is signed out. Users must be signed in to their Tornelo account to play in an online tournament.

The user is not a player in the event. Either they're signed in with the wrong Tornelo account or they haven't signed up for an event.

If online entries are enabled, the player can register for the event using the Join Event button.

If the player is already registered for the event but is still seeing this message, you can ensure they are granted access by updating their entry email address in the pairing program to match the email address belonging to their Tornelo user account.(They can see their account email address by clicking on the account menu at the top-right corner of the page and choosing "Account settings")

You're signed in as the arbiter. You can stay in the lobby to spectate the event and get a preview of what your players are seeing, or you can click the "Join as player" button if you're playing in the event yourself.

The player is successfully signed in, and the first round hasn't started yet. The player can mark their attendance in the roll for the event using the checkbox, and that update will come through when you refresh the pairing program.

The player has been paired in a game. They can click "Play now" to open the game and start playing.

The player has a bye this round.

The player has not been paired in the current round. This might have happened because they didn't mark themselves in the roll at the start of the tournament and were withdrawn. You can unwithdraw a player and manually assign them to a pairing from within the pairing program.

The player has finished their game for this round. They will be able to see their next game when the next round is paired.

Playing a game

When a player clicks "Play now" the chess game will open in a new window.

The first move cannot be made until both the black player and white player have opened their game. During a game, players can make their moves, keep an eye on the clock, and perform other tasks such as conceding the game or offering a draw.

The game will end when a checkmate or stalemate is detected, or when one player's clock runs out. Draws due to threefold repetition, the fifty-move rule, or impossibility of checkmate are at your discretion as an arbiter - players should contact you to inform you of the draw, and you can mark it as such in the pairing program.

Recording results

When a game is finished the results are synchronized back into the event. This process can take up to 1 minute to complete.

Once results are synchronized they will immediately be visible from the tournament lobby. To view the latest results in the pairing program the page will need to be refreshed.

If you record a result in the pairing program before an online game completes, the result from the online game will not be used; results you record as an arbiter always take precedence over results recorded from online games.

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