Ratings are doing strange things

Ratings are miscalculated

David Cordover

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Known Bug

Players can play in multiple events at one time. This causes confusion at the end of an event because the player's rating must change - but how do we know what their rating was when the game was being played? Should it be their rating from before the event started? Or their rating at the time it was played? Or their rating now?

Usually when you click Submit for Ratings the system will grab the players' most recent rating and use that for calculation purposes.

We currently have a bug in the system where a player's rating is not updated before rating calculations, so it is calculated using their Initial Rating in the pairing program. This was their rating at the time of entry.

You can see here a rating that doesn't make sense. This player was 456, and it shows an increase of 78, but the new rating is only 208.

How to fix it

1. If there are a number of wrong events, start with the OLDEST one; you will need to update them in order

2. Open the event and go to the Pairing Program

3. You will see the player in this event with the wrong Initial Rating (in this case his rating is showing as 130)

4. Click Unrate, then OK. Do not Resume the event, that will change the completion date

5. Click on your broken player. Click Edit.

6. Update the Initial Rating (in this case to 456, which was the most recent rating for this player)

7. Save and then click Submit for Ratings

8. You will now see the Player Profile ratings are correct again

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