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What to tell your players when they are lost

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The biggest bottleneck in any online tournament is 5 minutes before the first game starts.  Players need to be signed in to the site and ready to play. For some reason, signing in is one of the biggest technical challenges!!  Here are steps we send to players in advance of an event which usually minimise the delays at the start of an event, and maximise the number of players who can take part.

Email subject: Joining a Chess Tournament

Please go to

Select the organisation and then your event from Upcoming events

Sign in to Tornelo with the SAME EMAIL you provided during registration

If you do not know your Password, please click Reset password

Once you are signed in you should see the Event Starting message. Make sure you tick the box!!


If you provided the incorrect email address during registration. Please Create a New Account


Go to and Find your Organisation and Click on your Event. 

When in the Lobby join the ZOOM room

In the ZOOM chat Please send private message to HOST

Your message must have:

  • NAME as per regstration
  • EMAIL used to sign in (new account)

Once you get confirmation, please RELOAD page and check the registration box at the top of the page.

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