Player profiles and user confirmation

Understanding the relation of players and user roles

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What is a player profile?

Tornelo has a number of related concepts that may be involved when a player enters an event:

User account

This is the email and password combination that you use to sign in to Tornelo, and how users of the system are identified.

Event entry

This is the details for an entry in a particular event. The entry includes a name, email address, phone number, and other optional details such as year of birth or estimated rating. The entry can also optionally have a player profile attached.

Player profile

This is the career profile for an individual player. It has many of the same details as an entry such as name and year of birth, but does not include an email address or phone number. It also includes a history of events the player participated in and their rating history.

What does it mean for a player profile to be confirmed?

A player profile can be associated with one or more user accounts. This controls who is allowed to enter events using this player profile, play online as the player, and update player profile details such as name or year of birth. Any user can associate their account with any player profile when entering an event online, but that association is considered "unconfirmed", and this user will not be able to update player profile details, and will be permitted to play only in events that were entered online while signed in with the same user account.

How can I confirm a player profile for a user?

As a player, you will need to get help from an arbiter or an organization administrator.

As an arbiter, when you submit an event for ratings, the users associated with any entries for unconfirmed players become confirmed and gain full access to the profile.

If you need to give a specific user access to play online before their profile is confirmed, you can use the pairing program to update their entry email address to match the email address of their user account, and they will immediately be able to play online for that entry.

As an organization administrator, you can add a user to a player profile from the player profile page. From the player profile page, click on "Roles" and then "Assign Role" and enter the email address of the user you want to add. This user will then receive a notification in their account menu inviting them to accept ownership of the player profile. Once ownership is accepted they will be a confirmed owner of the player profile.

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