Entering a Team Event (Interschool) as Team Manager

A step by step guide on how to enter an Interschool Chess Tournament as Team Manager

David Cordover

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You may register for a teams events either as Team Manager (eg. a teacher) or as an individual user (eg. a parent). This is usually about who pays the entry fees. The entry process is the same.

1. Navigate to the Event Page

2. The event page displays information such as date, time, entry fee and venue. Click venue to see a map.

3. Click Enter event now

4. If you Already have an account click the blue link, if not, you should enter details to create an account

5. Enter your email/password and Sign in (click Reset password if you can't remember your password)

6. You will see a list of Players that you "own". Click Add multiple players to enter a team of players

7. Select or create a Group (a Group is a school, club or Team)

8. Add a list of players (existing players or create new players)

9. Select privacy level for new players - see here to learn more about privacy options

10. Confirm the players you are entering, they are the ones in your list which are checked off - if you have entered players previously it will show "already entered"

11. Confirm details for all your players. Some fields are required, others are optional. If the event is being played ONLINE please ensure you enter the Email address of the player. This email must be the same as the email address they will use to login and play their games online.

12. Confirm your contact details

13. Pay the entry fees with options as provided by the organiser

14. Confirm and submit entry

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