How to enter the European Online Corporate Chess Championship

Entering a team of players

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Entry is online from the tournament page. This is the same website URL which will be used for playing games during the event.

1. Click Enter event now

2. If required you will be prompted to Create a new account before reaching the entry page

3. Choose the Add team / multiple players option - you must choose this option to allow team members to sign-in and play using their own accounts

Only choose Add one player if you are entering for yourself, or other players that will sign-in and play using your email address and password!

After choosing the Add team button you will need to select your Team 

4. Type your company name or team name into the Select group search field 

5. Select your team name from the list, or Create a new group with your team name

Next add the names of the players in your team

6. Type the player name into the search bar and add all your players

Please progress carefully, after your team has been entered correctly. Any changes after submitting entries will require you to contact the organisers.

7. Select your players' privacy settings* 

*Please note, for this event Public setting is required. Players may update their privacy settings after the event.

Click Finish

Your team is now added, please proceed to entering player information.

8. For every player you must update the following informatoin

- Day or Days they will be playing

- Player rating (FIDE Rapid, if none use FIDE Classic, if none use FIDE Blitz, if no rating enter 0)

- Email address the player will use to play online games

- FIDE ID Number (if no FIDE ID, please write "no FIDE ID")


Please ensure the Email address is entered correctly as the player will need to use this email to sign in and play during the event.

See example below:

9. Please enter Contact details for the Team Captain

10. Choose your payment option

  • If you have not paid, please pay by credit-card.
  • If you have paid in advance select "Pay later via invoice" 

Finally, you will get one last opportunity to check all the details you have added before Submit entry 

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