Customise your chess board

Changing the colour, pieces and size of your chess board

David Cordover

Last Update 7 måneder siden

This is the default chessbaord for playing games on Tornelo.

Players seek to change 3 aspects:

  • Board size
  • Colour of board
  • Style of pieces

Resize the board

You can resize your chess board by Zooming in or out on your web browser.

  • CTRL and +  increase the size (Mac: “⌘” key and tap the “+”)
  • CTRL and -  decrease the size (Mac: “⌘” key and tap the “-”)
  • CTRL and 0  reset to default (100%) size (Mac: “⌘” key and tap the “0”)

Colour of board

  • Users can set the default color of their chessboard to Blue (default), Brown or Green
  • Go to your User Account settings
  • Select the Board colour you prefer and click Save

Style of pieces

  • Currently there is no way to change the style of pieces on the game display

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