Can you check in advance if a player is linked correctly?

Will the user be able to make moves

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An arbiter can get some ideas if there "might" be a problem, but has no way of knowing which user account (ie. email address) the player will use on the day of the event, or which user is already in control of the player displayed. Only the player themselves may truly verify if their player profile is linked correctly.

Arbiter Process

  1. Go to your event
  2. Click Export Entries 
  3. Look in the column headed 'Player Org Owner'

When a Player Profile is controlled by a user (ie. an email address) then we say that the user "owns" that player profile. This will be reflected with a blank field in the export. If your organisation is listed as the Owner then one reason for this might be that the Player Profile is not yet owned.

As an Organisation Admin you may:

  1. Click through to the Player Profile
  2. Click ROLES 
  3. Assign a role by adding an email address 

Tornelo will send the new user an email, inviting them to take "ownership" over the Player Profile. Assuming you get the email address correct, this will give the player permission to play.

Players' Process

Players should ALL be recommended to check that they are able to play before any online event.

They do this by:

  1. Going to the Event page (Tournament Lobby must be open) 
  2. Placing a GREEN TICK in the box on the message bar

If a player sees the message "You are spectating" then that means they cannot play and should contact the arbiter to update their email address.

CLICK HERE to view a workflow for players

We recommend ALL players to become familiar with the platform by taking part in 1 or 2 practice events before any major event.

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