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The Lobby and the Pairing Program

David Cordover

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There are 2 views of each tournament:

1. The Tournament Lobby

This is the LIVE version of the event. It is the page from which players and spectators get automatic updates. All results are immediately pushed onto this page and you do not need to reload the page to see new information.

We are slowly moving features out of the Pairing program an into the Lobby, eventually the Pairing program will become obsolete.

Click the blue Pairing program button if you want to make changes to the event.

2. The Pairing Program

This is the workstation for the arbiter, a place do make changes to the event. These changes are pushed automatically to the Lobby, but if you want to see new results or changes made by collaborating arbiters, then you must Reload (F5 on the keyboard) in order to pull the data into the page.

To visit the Lobby click the button.

I usually recommend having both window open at the same time during the event.

Over time we are migrating features from the Pairing Program to the Lobby. Eventually all features will be Live in the Lobby and the pairing program will become obsolete and get removed.

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