An Arbiter can impersonate a player

Making moves for players during a game

David Cordover

Last Update 6 months ago

Arbiters need to watch games in progress. From the pairing program they can easily go to any game by clicking the Watch link.

While you are watching you can do all the usual actions; pause/adjust the clock, declare a draw, etc

But what if you actually wanted to make a MOVE for a player? When would you want this crazy feature?

  • A student can't work out how to escape from check
  • Arbiter is a player in the event
  • Arbiter wants to play as a player as a scratch match and will remove the game later

1. Go to the Tournament Lobby

2. Click Join as a player

3. Select the player you wish to impersonate

4. You can now do whatever that player can do

5. When ready to view as an Arbiter again

6. Click Switch active player and return as an arbiter

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